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Dynamic CRM & Sales Forces

It is mandatory for businesses irrespective of their scale to get the benefits of cloud services nowadays. The advantages of switching your complete business framework to a cloud for making the data protected and enabling active collaborations amongst the employees and creating cloud apps for workers are huge. Our aim is to concentrate on achieving this step for your business in the salesforce platform.

Take full advantage of the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform with Astute comprehensive Salesforce services and on-demand support. Our experts provide design and development on the FORCE.com platform including App Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Wave Analytics Cloud, and more. Our Salesforce consultants and engineers bring technical and strategic expertise to help your company maximize Salesforce investment.

At Astute solutions, we offer:

Implementation & Customization

Our team of specialists delivers end-to-end solutions from initial strategy and design to configuration, development, and customization



Our experts have helped organizations create and implement business workflows that automate manual processes and extend Salesforce’s already powerful capacities.


Our experts can streamline your organization’s Salesforce Migration from beginning to finish. Our experts will create a comprehensive roadmap and migration.

Application Development

Our team can build applications for all your business requirements using Force.com development and can likewise customize Salesforce 1 by building native and hybrid apps for your Salesforce data.

On-Demand Support

Our Salesforce team of architects, developers & administrators with our on-demand support service provides ongoing support, quick enhancements, maintenance & administration.


Our happy customers

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